About us

Protero - 5 years after the Lion's Den

We are two brothers and a mutual friend. We have been running a joint company since 2011, which actually has nothing to do with Protero. We needed an office and some storage space and had the idea of ​​renting a shop instead of an impersonal office in order to realize our idea of ​​a "fitness/protein café".

As soon as we set it up, a representative from Sony Pictures stopped by our premises and asked if we were interested in doing a new TV show. Of course we couldn't refuse and agreed.

The Protero brand was born with the café. However, we didn't have any products of our own. Only in preparation for the TV show did we contact manufacturers and have products developed under the Protero brand.

Unlike when we were accused of not having done enough when we appeared in the lion's den, we have set ourselves too much. We built a whole new company from scratch in just a few months alongside our main job. It was inevitably missing at one point or another.

Some declared Protero dead, but Protero never disappeared. We have built a wonderful business relationship with our Irish raw material supplier through the appearance and have completely focused on our Weide Whey. The café and the superfoods had to go. And instead of advertising, we have fully relied on Amazon. This helped us to keep the processes lean so that, in addition to our main business, we could reliably supply our Protero customers and win new customers organically

Products that have it all.

The team

Michael Mallek


Samuel Weihrauch

Marcel Mallek