Kefirknollen fermentiertes Protein

<transcy>4 reasons why fermentation revolutionizes your whey protein</transcy>

Protein supplements aren't just for bodybuilders and athletes anymore - and they haven't been for a while. High protein supplements also help with diets like Low Carb and are a healthy option for vegetarians. You can find Whey Protein in almost any supermarket and of course, online. What you maybe haven't found yet is fermented protein. We'll let you in on the secret of fermentation and why it makes your whey protein so much better.

What exactly is fermented Whey Protein?

Fermented whey is very different from regular whey. The main difference lies in the breakdown of di- and tripeptides during fermentation.

Natural kefir cultures are added to grass-fed whey. The ferments at 25 degrees Celsius. This process is very complex, which is why you rarely see fermented whey protein. The kefir cultures are alive and during the fermentation, an alost magical process takes place. We call it amgic, because there is always a little coincidence involved that cannot be planned. That is why we run multiple analysis and tests before continuing to the next step. Now, let's take a closer look at the advantages of fermented kefir whey protein.

Bye bye lactose - hello fermented whey!

The breakdown of di- and tripeptides during fermentation leads to a transformation of unwanted components in whey. For example, there is no lactose in our Kefir Whey Protein. It also contains nearly zero fats and many other unwante ingredients.

No more bloating!

Surely you have heard of the notorious protein farts? Most protein powders, whey and plant-based, cause gas and bloating for many people. It can be funny, but it can also be extremely annoying. Thanks to the probiotic bacteria that results from fermentation, kefir whey protein can be digested very easily. In the following graphic, you see a comparison of kefir whey, regular whey isolate, fructooligosaccharide and Inulin regarding bifidegenic activity (the probiotic quality). Your gut will thank you!

Higher nutrient density

The fermentation of whey does not only cause unwanted ingredients to be tranformed, it also means a higher complexity and nutrient density of your whey. Your kefir whey is of highest quality, with a protein percentage of 91%.

Unique amino acid combination

Our kefir whey does not just have a higher nutrient density, it also has an unmatched percentage of 26,87% for essential amino acoids. These amino acids are important for your body because it can't produce them on it's own. Thereforeyour body is designed to absorb these amino acids very easily.

High bioavailability

Your kefir whey does nor contain artificial sweeteners, conservatives or other additives. The milk we use for our fermented whey is solely from Irish grass-fed cows. The fermentation takes place under strict hygiene regulations and healtless filtration to preserve all nutrients.

Can you see it now? Our fermented kefir whey protein is a game-changer! Curious? Get your Kefir Whey now and try it for yourself!

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