And that's how it started...

We have been running a joint company since 2011. In 2014 we needed an office and some storage space and had the idea of ​​renting a shop instead of an impersonal office in order to realize our idea of ​​a "fitness/protein café".

Presentation of the first protein powder made from pasture milk in the lion's den

From gastronomy to online shop

We weren't born for the catering industry, but our products and their quality were very well received. We decided to focus entirely on selling natural, functional foods online. We now offer over 20 selected, unique products that you can only find with us.

What drives us

"Instead of concentrating on young people, we took on the challenge of convincing older generations about protein powders etc. Because the health of our parents is very important to us . All "children" like us should spend as long and active time as possible with their parents can."

Michael Mallek, co-founder of Protero

That's why our products are important and useful

  • Increased protein requirements with age

    The German Nutrition Society ( DGE ) states a protein requirement for those aged 65 and over of 1.0g/kg body weight, 25% more than younger adults have.

    About our protein preparations 
  • Weight management

    After numerous diet attempts, many find a low-carbohydrate or even ketogenic diet a long-term, effective solution to reducing or maintaining their weight.

    Low carb & keto products 
  • Supermarket alternatives from selected origins

    You can find Irish butter in the supermarket. We have cleverly and naturally preserved products such as Azores ghee and Irish pasture milk powder.

    Special things from pasture farming 

And who makes the products?

We do not manufacture ourselves and, unlike many providers, we are very transparent about it. Our job is to find the hidden champions among the manufacturers and to make their products available to you as affordable and without additives as possible.

We have built relationships with small and large producers - from a small ghee butter producer in the Azores to the world's largest dairy farmer cooperatives in Ireland and New Zealand. For each product, we transparently state where it comes from and who makes it. You will hardly find this with any other provider.

Our job is to find these products, prepare them, bottle them, present them, explain them and make them available. Behind every product there are experts on the manufacturer's side: farmers, food technicians, dieticians, mechanical engineers ...

When choosing manufacturers, we always ensure that the people involved have the highest quality standards and show passion for their work.

<transcy>Protero - From lion's den to Irish meadows</transcy>

Protero - From lion's den to Irish meadows

We are two brothers and our mutual friend. Since 2011 we are running a company together. All we needed was an office space and a small storage area. Instead of a cold and lonely office, we really liked the idea of renting a little shop where we would open a "Fitness/Protein-Café".

We were barely finished ssetting up the café when a Sony Pictures agent walked in and asked if we were interested to take part in a new TV-show. How could we have said no? Obviously, we agreed.

On this show called "Höhle der Löwen" ("Lion's Den"), we were accused of not having done enough work. Well, actually, we think we did a lot. In only a few months we built a new and successful company from scratch, while we were all working full time on our main jobs. Of course there was a little missing here and there, because this company was a side hustle.

Some have believed Protero to be dead, but we were never really gone. With our TV appearance, we were able to build a wonderful relationship to our Irish supplier and started to concentrate fully on our grass-fed whey protein. The Café and the Superfoods had to make room. And instead of putting everything into marketing, we put everything into Amazon. This helped our processes stay lean, satisfy our customers and gain new customers while still working on our main jobs.

Real products for real people

We're not showing beautiful images of beautiful people - instead, we'd much rather show you were our products come from. Grass-fed farming, modern manufacturing and innovation enable us to offer unique products that are good for your body, taste great AND can be enjoyed with a completely clear conscience.