<transcy>How our protein is made</transcy>

Back to the roots with our whey

Whey protein is a dairy product. We'll tell you about the one and only ingredient, that makes the creation of our whey possible.

Irish Grass

The origin of our protein powder

An Irish farmer told us: "Cows make milk from grass. They turn it into food for us. On our green island, we truly appreciate that."

That is why we count on grass-fed milk from Ireland.

Ireland has special climate conditions that are perfect for grass-fed farming. Mild weather with lots of rain all year round create beautiful green meadows that can be enjoyed by the cows for at least 10 months every year.

That is why Irish farmers mainly work with pasturing. 80% of all agricultural area in Ireland is pasture.

To grow grass perfectly and to know when to lead the herd to a fresh spot really is a science itself.

Good for us, good for the animals

With high amounts of Omega-3 and CLA, grass-fed milk is especially valuable for us humans. And obviously, being outdoors on the beautiful green meadows is also the best way for the animals to live. Thank to the fresh air and lots of space, diseases rarely spread and antibiotics are never used for grass-fed cows.

We work with cooperative of 1040 Irish farmers

In Germany, small farms are continually being displaced in favour of big mass production companies. In Ireland, we still find mainly small family farms, and it will stay this way for a long time. These family farms work together in cooperatives like Kerry Golf Butter.

We work with a cooperative from the region West Cork. The farrmers deliver their grass-fed milk to a modern company, where it is processed. First, the milk will be pasteurised - that is a requirement in Europe.

For our Kefir Whey, kefir cultures are added to the whey. The mixture ferments for 18-24 hours. After heatless fiiltration, protein-rich whey remains. Then the whey is spray dried and we have our Protero Whey Protein Powder.

During the whole manufacturing process, no additives and, apart from the pasteurisation, no high temperatures are used. The producer also works with baby food. That means we can rely on highly modern machines and very high hygiene standards.

The pure whey is delivered to our site in Germany, where we either package it immediately or add organic flavours and other natural ingredients like our organic cocoa.

Every batch is lab-tested

We work with strict quality- and security-standards. We publish the test results of every new batch here.